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The Students.
The first beneficiaries would be the students. The availability of good multimedia modules that can be run anytime anhere. The availability to access of software at students own time and convenience is lacking in today's CDs or online flash/Jaya ywenvironments. More often than not, students would prefer to read plain old books to ovecome this limitation.

With AGE, the students can easily copy the modules from school or download the modules from the Internet with ease to use them at their own comfort - home or in a library. Students can now make use of the avaiable software and contents in the library or resource center for free.

With the ease of getting the software, studetnts would be able to learn at much faster speed.
Saves students lots of money having to pay for photocopies of homework. For more read below

Start using AGE in school
Your school can now use AGE with projectors in classes. AGE would complement those given by the Ministry of Education. We know for sure, software runs out very fast and more often than not cannot be transferred back to students' homes to use. AGE can easily be used in class and students' homes. Just copy and paste the folders containing the modules that's all. AGE does not need Internet connections to use. So they are very useful and cheap to use. For the first time rural students will have tools and contents to improve their grades, able to pronounce proper English, able to improve on their Mathematics and lots of books to read. These are only the beginners as more publishers get into converting their contents into AGE formats or teachers exchanging contents nationally and globally. These are all coming. Join now the AGE project.

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